Monday, August 2, 2010

There's No Place Like RWA

RWA national conference will go down as one of my all time favorite trips. Not only was the writing information invaluable, but I was able to meet some very wonderful people.

Sandy Randazzo was one of the first ladies I met. She is from North Dakota, and we attended at least four of the same workshops. I also ran into her on the Boardwalk and met her adorable husband (any man who supports his wife's writing is adorable).

Jerrie Alexander ( and Marsha R. West gave me some great advice while standing in line for the keynote luncheon. They suggested I go ahead and submit a query for my contemporary manuscript. Whether it's accepted or rejected, it shows I'm seriously pursuing a writing career, which in turn, will allow me to join PRO.

Elizabeth Bank and I had a wonderful conversation during the awards luncheon on Friday. She writes Regencys with a touch of paranormal as Noelle Pierce and can be found at

Some other wonderful women I met in between bites of food were Silvia McDaniel (, Jan Nash, Liese Sherwood-Fabre (, and Kathy Franklin. These lovely ladies were great conversationalists and insightful.

Rebecca Finley ( and I met at breakfast on Friday, and I tried to hook up with her for the awards luncheon, but was running late after a particularly good workshop. We seemed to be on the same page though (forgive the pun) because we met in workshops again and again. She was my first west coast contact and such a sweetie.

Deirdre E. Robertson ( and I had West Virginia in common. Annette Radosa, Kaylee Ruddle (, and Roberta B. Bombonato ( all wrote paranormal and/or urban fantasy like I am currently attempting to do.

I sat with some other outstanding ladies (and one's husband) at the Golden Heart and RITA awards dinner. Alexandra Ratcliff, Lara Chapman (, Jaye Garland (, and Karen Kinser.

The after party in a suite on the 11th floor was hiiiilarious! We formed a group that will someday be famous, and probably already is infamous--The Ass Cheek Angels. Some of those amazing ladies are Kellie J. Winzinowich (, Kellie Clark (writing as J. D. Elliot), Jennifer Jakes ( and Golden Heart finalist), and Cecily Cornelius-White, Psy.D.

Yet, two of the women with whom I connected the most were Lori H. Leger (, Trish F. Leger ( Their love of romance and writing was almost as strong as their love for Louisiana and hot, shirtless men. No doubt, I'll be seeing these fantastic ladies again and keeping in touch with my fellow ACAngels.

And, Carla Davis (writing as Karla Teri) was my lunchmate on Saturday afternoon and my fellow starstruck fangirl. We met in the line for Kresley Cole and we dragged each other all over the signings from then on. Even though we knew we probably wouldn't be able to squish one more book into our luggage, we kept thinking about possible items we could leave behind that could easily be sacrificed for another good read.

Finally, thank you Katherine Bone ( for complimenting my hat on Thursday while waiting for a trip through the goody room, for giving me a hello and a smile through a few other sightings, and for being my buddy in the airport. I love talking about writing, and with you, I certainly felt a kindred spirit.

I will be counting the time until New York!

Happy writing!


  1. I found you! Hehe...I'm so sorry I missed the post-GH/RITA party. Never again am I going to stay in an off-site hotel. Soooo not worth the savings. Anyway, glad to see you made it back okay and we'll talk again soon!

    Liz/Noelle ♥♥

  2. It was a blast from start to finish at RWA, and I'm so glad we got to talk. We will definitely talk again soon!