Sunday, October 31, 2010


Yes, for the first time ever, I am going to be a particpant, not just a spectator. Wish me luck!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Best Laid Smells of Monsters and Men

Feeling a little more human today. Thanks for all the comments and well-wishes. A nasty cold virus made the rounds through the family, but all seem to be on the road to recovery now. I was feeling so much better that I made a few blog visits and came across this too-cute video of a childhood fave. Found this one on

Try not to drool.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nurse? Is there a doctor in the house?

I'm a little under the weather right now. Still trudging along though, but profound thoughts for the blog are minimal, so I'll just have to post an image or two and say it with pictures instead.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Husbands Just Don't Understand

Sharkey and I recently had a small tiff due to my previous blog posting involving pictures of one very nice looking man. Understand that I hide nothing from my husband (except a small problem with a stop sign that resulted in a ticket) because I try really hard not to have anything to hide. He knows I read and write romance and that the heroes in said stories are abnormally hot. He is of the opinion that women satisfiy unmet needs with said stories. Unfortunately, he thinks it's a double standard because he would get grief for indulging in pictures of half-naked (or all naked) women.

I took great offense that he didn't see the distinction. I explained that first of all, I didn't want Alex O'Loughlin really. He'd probably be all about himself and his career, and besides physical attraction, I need someone with a sense of humor and a strong sense of responsibility. I chose my husband for very great reasons, and those reasons haven't changed, so he has nothing to worry about in that respect. Second, romance to me isn't even about the sex or the looks. One of my favorite Harlequin Blaze novels featured a hero with a big nose and a bad haircut. To me, the stories are about coming together and creating something new and lasting. Now in most of the stories, it's true that the idea that a regular gal could turn the head of a good-looking guy who just happens to have a great personality too is the dream, but it's not really about the looks, is it?

So if I throw up a picture of a hot guy on the blog occasionally, it doesn't mean that I'm satisfying unmet needs, does it? Is it a double standard? And does it matter if it's a double standard (we've been living with those for centuries)? What do you think?

Just to be clear, we discussed it later when we both could be rational, and I explained about blogs and their postings, and he apologized for overreacting. So it was a short-lived conflict.

Happy writing.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ladies Night!

New obsession lately--Hawaii Five-O. Not because I really love police shows, not because I really love Hawaii, not even because I have nothing else to do on Monday nights. No, all of these great reasons are not the reason for the sucking in of me. Two words--Alex O'Loughlin.

He's purty. I actually watched him in the vampire show he was in about two years ago. It was so cheesy, but worth it for the view. I missed the J. Lo movie with him as co-star, but I'm reduced to DVR-ing Hawaii Five-O, and it is sooooo worth it.

Just take a look. Come on. Don't you feel the inspiration coursing through your veins? That is inspiration, right? Anyway, enjoy a new segment called Ladies Night.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Little Sleep, On The Go

I can feel sleep sucking me under in the very near future.
The family went back to school today, and we clearly were out of our routine. Bedtime went on and on, last night (yes, I know I'm the parent), but eventually all went into a fitful sleep, interrupted by a nightmare and a few bathroom trips, oh and the kids had trouble sleeping too (tee-hee).

Anyway, I got up at my usual time. Threw some lunches together, got the kids dressed, teeth brushed, shoes found, backpacks in hands and pushed them out the door.

I love the time between when they leave and I rush out the door. I have an hour. An HOUR! And I use it to get myself ready. I had forgotten how that really works until I changed schools last year.

By the time I arrived at school today, I was a little nervous about what I had planned. We were unable to complete our On-Demand Writing Common Assessment before the break, so they were coming back to a test. But the day went smoothly with me only making one sarcastic comment about a question I'd already given the answer to not three minutes before.

I had an afterschool study group, and finally got to leave school around 5:05. As soon as I got home, I fixed some breakfast for dinner. Then ran to the gym for 40 minutes on the elliptical.

Happily, Sharkey had kids homework all but done, so I could actually post to my blog. Not bad for a running-on-empty kind of day.

I am so going to feel this in the morning when I start it all again.

Happy writing!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

I had every intention of putting some writing tips together. And if I couldn't really come up with any myself, I have several links I've collected over the years. But the truth is, I need some advice.

I agreed to judge for a contest. I have been through a training, and as an avid reader, writer, and teacher, I feel confident in my judging abilities. I just want to do it right.

I love all the entries, but after reading them, one in particular is still with me. I want to know how it ends. The others are very well written also, but the characters, plot, tension and conflict of the one have stuck in my brain. I don't know that the writing of this one is as eloquent as one of the others, but the everything else about it impresses me. However, I don't know if that matters enough to score it high (they are all well-written), or if this particular manuscript is just up my alley. We've all read books that others raved about and only found okay. Is that what is going on?

It's just so hard to score someone else's baby because I know how much it matters to them. In my mind's eye, I see the people behind the work, and they're just like me. But I owe as impartial a judgment as I can manage, so I will re-read and pay close attention to the specific scoring standards, hopefully coming to a fair conclusion and a justifiable score with helpful comments.

Anyone who has judged before have any advice?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's a Conundrum, Isn't It

Funny how life can lift you up one day and knock you flat on your patootey the next. I had every intention of attending school the past two days, but got a call from my mother Sunday night that her house was on fire, and she was outside with no shoes on. Needless to say, I dropped everything, jumped in the car, and pulled up to four fire trucks, a hazmat truck, and a utility truck outside my mother's home. The good news: everyone made it out safely (including the animals). The bad news: the damage was extensive. It will be two or three months until all is livable again, but it can be fixed.

I had to miss school Monday, and of course my students assumed I was playing hooky, but they were sympathetic when I returned and explained today. Again, the important thing is that everybody is physically well. I will be spending the rest of my Fall Break helping my mother through this tough time. Keep us in your prayers, thoughts, well-wishes.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall Break

Sharkey and the kids have the whole week off for Fall Break. It's like Spring Break, only not. I, on the other hand, get a cheaper version. Mine starts Wednesday, so I have to go to school Monday and Tuesday.

Yes, I considered being a bad teacher and calling in sick, but I just couldn't bring myself to do that to some poor substitute teacher for one thing, and I have so much to accomplish in those two measly days besides, so I will dutifully attend school the next two days and only whine a little bit about it.

On another note, I checked out a blog at and ended up sending a pitch for editor Lia Brown at Avalon. Mine was one of five sent her way, with the truth-serum that she might look at them and go on her merry way, deciding mine is not what she is looking for. Still, the heart hopes, and I have a pitch in front of an editor.

But the ladies at Seekerville are celebrating the site's birthday with prizes in the form of books and critiques, so check it out if you get a chance.

Happy writing!