Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bossypants by Tina Fey

I just finished Bossypants, by Tina Fey, and it is a real treat.  Huzzah!  Tina Fey, huzzah!

Seriously, this is a great, laugh-out-loud read that I hope to pass on to many of my friends and family. 

Around Easter, hubby and I were in the Target on the other side of town, and though we decided it wasn't as good a Target as the one on our side of town, we were still buying too much, as is the current duty of all Americans.  As we perused the DVD's which just so happened to be next to my favorite section--the books, I pointed out the hilarious cover of Tina Fey's book.  On the cover, she is looking demure and beautiful from the neck up, and from the neck down, she is a man.  Not just any man, she is a large, hairy-armed, watch-wearing, sausage-fingered man.  And it is hi-larious (emphasis on the Hi).  Next thing I know, it's Mother's Day, and I own the book.

She covers topics such as growing up with her Greek mother and German father, her start in Chicago with Second City, her move to Saturday Night Live and then to 30 Rock, and of course, her personal life journey through marriage and having a baby (possibly babies).  Needless to say, I loved every minute of it, and often laughed out loud (literally) around strangers until they felt compelled to ask, "Is that a good book?"  Duh!  Just kidding, strangers.  I didn't think it was a stupid question at all.  There are no such thing as stupid questions (my training as an educator forced me to say this last part).

Weird thing was though, I decided I was Tina Fey.  Not in a psycho, identity crisis kind of way.  More like an I can totally relate to her life kind of way.  She's so down-to-earth, and despite the being a celebrity and all, accessible in a regular way.  My point is:  You should read this book.  Borrow it, check it out of the library, download it at Barnes and Noble (I guess you can for free with the Nook, three chapters at a time), or break down and buy it.  It will totally be worth it.

Happy Writing (and Reading)!

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