Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tough Week

The ebb and flow of blessings and curses is definitely on a downswing right now. This was a very difficult week. I had a presentation to prepare and give, which I abhor! I would rather dance through oncoming traffic than present something in front of colleagues. The blessing: it went well, and I got compliments. The curse: it took up a majority of my free time to prepare.

Unfortunately, we received some bad news early in the week. One of my daughter's friends at school had a mother who was very ill. She died this week. It was breast cancer. I prayed for the family and my husband and daughter went to the visitation. But I'm too close to this not to think about my own situation. She was 45. It was one year ago today that I went for a mammogram, ultrasound, and biopsy, leading to 9 months of treatment for breast cancer. Needless to say, I am distressed about this whole situation. It brings up so many of my own fears about leaving my children behind before I feel ready (are we really ever ready, though?). My 12-year-old daughter is also struggling with the passing. She feels like she really needs to be there for her friend, but she's also anxious about our own situation. I listen to her fears, and assure her we are doing everything we are supposed to do, but I can't say with 100% definitiveness that there won't be a recurrence. I will do my best to be vigilant, if not for me, then for my children and husband.

Of course, to continue the downing of the week, I had a rather eye-opening meeting about a problem student. Let's just say, if I had the same situation, I'd be acting out my anger inappropriately too. It brings up a serious issue. Why is it that low socio-economic means suck it up, we can't do anything but give you a band-aid? This kid should have gotten serious help early on.

So, needless to say, my writing has been little to none. I see my NaNoWriMo dreams slipping away unless I get a chance to write all day and all night some time soon. Hope things are going better for you.


  1. One thing I've learned, is that life is a roller coaster, and no matter how happy you are s**t just happens sometimes. I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's friends' mother. There are no guarantees in life, that's for sure, and the only thing we can do is do everything we can to be healthy and happy and hope that carries us through the bad times. I haven't had breast cancer, but I have had other things happen to me that woke me up to make sure I do all I can to be the best that I can while I'm here. I hope your week this week looks up for you, and count all of your blessings as I'm sure you have many.

  2. Thanks, Kellie. I mostly stay positive, but this week was just a tough one. I have many, many blessings to count, and I am thankful for all I have. Thanks for the reminder.