Monday, December 20, 2010

Mixed Nuts

I'm sure the holidays are more commercial than they were meant to be, but Sharkey and I have been shopping, shopping, and more shopping the past couple of days. The tykes were at their aunt's for two nights, and I'm not going to lie--it was niiiice. Of course I missed them, but it was nice to eat meals without having to chop up, cut into, order three more bites of this or that, so on and so forth.

We shopped until we dropped so that we could get all remaining presents bought. Mission was nearly accomplished. Just a few more to get, but nothing that we can't handle in the next couple of days.

The only problems we ran into were a few of the holiday mixed nuts. I'm sure you've met them, sorry to say, some of you may become them around the holidays (I know I do on occasion).

One is the parking-space stalker--the car that is suddenly there when you leave the store and follows you around the parking lot while you locate your car. They are relentless and even if you can't for the life of you remember where you parked, they will continue to follow until either you find your vehicle or another shopper walks into their line of vision.

Another is the discount shopper--this is the ubiquitous person at the cash register that wants the cashier to ring it up three different ways to see which one gives the best discount. He or she often has an accordion file of coupons, super savers, and other discount offers, but seems oblivious to the ever-growing line of frustrated shoppers behind him or her. (Okay, I might be this one).

Of course we're all familiar with the stingy hot-item buyer--this is the person who has waited in line since pre-dawn to buy the hot item this year. Don't doubt that if you even step a toe between the item and him or her, your life is in danger. He or she will rearrange your face, thin your hair, and bruise your lower extremities if you even mention that you might be thinking about throwing your money toward said hot item.

And last but not least, the parking-spot maker--this is the person who assigns any open space as his or her personal parking spot. Nevermind that it could be on ice-coated grass, behind other cars, or in the middle of the driving throughway. Any available space is game for this mixed nut. If you happen to get blocked by one these crazy parkers, don't expect an apology. If you even broach the subject, be prepared to walk away taking the blame for his or her blocking your way.

Well, hopefully you are able to avoid all these mixed nuts and have a happy shopping holiday. Better yet, next year, you might try ordering everything on line in November and becoming one of those I-finished-all-my-shopping-before-you shoppers. At any rate, hope your holidays are happy!

Happy writing!


  1. Hehe...I'm sooo a parking-lot stalker. But only in one aisle. If they cross into another aisle, I'm off to find someone else.

    I finished my shopping last week while the kiddos were in school. Going to stores without one or both toddlers in tow? Bliss!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Haha, someone we both know returned $249 worth of clothes to Kohl's today and then rebought them at new sale prices using a 30% off coupon. There was indeed an ever-growing line of frustrated shoppers, but it saved nearly $120 so definitely worth it!!