Monday, September 20, 2010

Not Going to Let it Get Me Down

I am soooo close to finishing my short, and although there will be a few holes to patch and some characterization to perfect, I still like the story and can relate to the characters. I am now sitting at around 12,000 words, and I'm at the stage that I can feel the ending, so all I want to do is write until the characters get their HEA.

My motivator? The DAY JOB. The harder it gets, the more I need to write. Writing is like the one thing I have complete control over, and I love to put on my headphones, crank the IPOD, and let my fingers fly over the keyboard (easier said than done). But, at the end of every day, I get so excited to sit down at my computer and push a little further. So, what motivates you the most to get BICHOK (butt in chair, hands on keyboard)?

Oh, and on the 27th, I will be blogging at It is a wonderful group of ladies that I cracked up with after the RITA's at RWA. Many different geographic locations, age ranges, and writing stages were represented. Jennifer Jakes was one of the Golden Heart Nominees. Anyway, one of the hiiiilarious stories led to the name of the blog. I have had something brewing in my head for awhile, and whew! I need the brain space, so check it out later this week.

Happy writing!

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