Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Super Special Unforgettable List of Absolute Necessities for A Successful Writing Session

If the title didn't run you off yet, here is my list of the ultimate writing tools needed for any and all of my writing sessions.  Think security blanket kind of items.  Yes, I have written without one thing or another, but if I'm going to do it right, the following are ESSENTIAL:

1.  Laptop (duh ;o)).  Unfortunately (or fortunately if you're a habitual time waster on the web like me) my laptop is sans internet lately (something funky with the wireless), so I borrow my daughter's when she isn't looking just to do things like check e-mail; post on my blog; check out what my Tweeters are up to; get some face time on Facebook; check some author, agent, industry blogs; skim my yahoo groups.  On second thought, computer without internet may be the right way to go.  Nah!

2.  Handy-dandy notebook for all the insane, yet perfect ideas that occur to me while I'm typing (why is this notebook so empty?), or if I get a little stuck, it's a place I can brainstorm or write for awhile instead so that maybe the change up will unstick my ickle brainy-poo.  Of course, if that doesn't work, it's a place I can rant then make the pages disappear as if nothing ever happened (shreeed).

3.  Music!  I have two I-Pods and all my playlists organized (laughter in the background), well, at least I know how to quickly access the songs that are great for writing.  And my super-duper earphones that block out all unnecessary noise (who's on fire??).

4.  Sour, neon gummy worms and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!  It is a well-known fact (at least in my mind) that sugar, cocoa, and caffeine are what make great writers.  If you don't believe me, just ask one.  Or just take my word for it and enjoy that yumminess as you write.

5.  Last, but certainly not least, distraction.  Not for me, silly, but for everybody else in the house.  Homework, television, video games, toys, boardgames, outside, DAD, each other, etc all work for the little bit of time I need to focus and meet my daily writing goal.  Don't worry, I'm available when...um...name, name...well, those other people that live with me need some time and attention.

So, there you have it.  My personal list of the writing essentials.  What else do you need to have a fantabulous writing time?

Happy writing!


  1. Love it - fun post! Many thanks.

  2. How True! But mine has to have - homeade mocha beside me, and XM radio country on Directv. Down low, not too distracting.
    Great post!

  3. That sounds like so many of my essentials! :o)

    Couple other necessities- Good ink pens for jotting the notes. Back up memory sticks to save my writing to. Never hurts to have backup.

  4. Great suggestions! Def. necessities.