Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ladies Night!

New obsession lately--Hawaii Five-O. Not because I really love police shows, not because I really love Hawaii, not even because I have nothing else to do on Monday nights. No, all of these great reasons are not the reason for the sucking in of me. Two words--Alex O'Loughlin.

He's purty. I actually watched him in the vampire show he was in about two years ago. It was so cheesy, but worth it for the view. I missed the J. Lo movie with him as co-star, but I'm reduced to DVR-ing Hawaii Five-O, and it is sooooo worth it.

Just take a look. Come on. Don't you feel the inspiration coursing through your veins? That is inspiration, right? Anyway, enjoy a new segment called Ladies Night.


  1. Isn't he tasty! I love him. I watched the CHEESY vamp show too, just to see him.

  2. He is a new favorite of mine. I am completely addicted to Hawaii Five-O