Monday, October 11, 2010

Little Sleep, On The Go

I can feel sleep sucking me under in the very near future.
The family went back to school today, and we clearly were out of our routine. Bedtime went on and on, last night (yes, I know I'm the parent), but eventually all went into a fitful sleep, interrupted by a nightmare and a few bathroom trips, oh and the kids had trouble sleeping too (tee-hee).

Anyway, I got up at my usual time. Threw some lunches together, got the kids dressed, teeth brushed, shoes found, backpacks in hands and pushed them out the door.

I love the time between when they leave and I rush out the door. I have an hour. An HOUR! And I use it to get myself ready. I had forgotten how that really works until I changed schools last year.

By the time I arrived at school today, I was a little nervous about what I had planned. We were unable to complete our On-Demand Writing Common Assessment before the break, so they were coming back to a test. But the day went smoothly with me only making one sarcastic comment about a question I'd already given the answer to not three minutes before.

I had an afterschool study group, and finally got to leave school around 5:05. As soon as I got home, I fixed some breakfast for dinner. Then ran to the gym for 40 minutes on the elliptical.

Happily, Sharkey had kids homework all but done, so I could actually post to my blog. Not bad for a running-on-empty kind of day.

I am so going to feel this in the morning when I start it all again.

Happy writing!

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